The GFL otherwise known as the Global Footba League is e-football League presented by GGSN that uses created Teams and players to use as members for the roster. Ocassionally it will be real life teams and players particpating in a match ever now and than. 


1. Shepparton LightningEdit

Est: 30, April 2014

Costume: HM: Dark/Light Blue, Yellow  AW: Yellow/Light/Dark Blue

State: Perth, Western Australia

Stadium: Patersons Stadium


FB: D. Jackson (c)

BP: G. Gaker

BP: P. Ward

CHB: D.Richardson

HB: L. Serafim

HB: A. Jenkins

CTR: H. Lundell

WM: D. Gray

WM: J. Smith

CHF: M. Smith

HFF: H. Lewis

HFF: D. Smith

FF: A. White

FP: H. Spoelstra

FP: D.Sprankin

RR: M. Turner

RUC: B. Ward

ROV: D. Murphy

FP: L. Anderson

CHF: L. Johnson

ROV: J. Walker

HB: T. Butler

CHF: A. Mitchell

CHF: L. Rimmer

CHF: W. Johnson

RR: R. Ellison

CHF: H. Hughes

FF: H. Wright

CTR: D. Bell

RR: A. Green

CHB: E.Marshall

CHF: J. Scott

FB: L. Serafim

WM: A. Young

ROV: C. Nelson

RR: T. Fraser

FB: J. Gibson

ROV: O. Williams

FP: S. Jenkins

HB: R. Parker

2. Mackey HoniesEdit

Est: 30, April 2014

Costume: HM: Green/White/Yellow AW: Yellow/Green/White

State: Melbourne, Victoria

Stadium: Etihad Stadium


FB: M. Spence

BP: T. Symons

BP: J. Ryan

CHB: S. Symons

HBF: B. Merren

HBF: M. Turner

CTR: A. Nrekic (c)

WM: D. Hughes

WM: O. Colautti

CHF: A. Nrekic

HFF: L. Baxter

HFF: J. Mitchell

FF: L. Nelson

FP: J. Price

FP: M. Clark

RR: N. Roberts

RUC: A. Wood

ROV: L. Anderson

CTR: J. Walker

ROV: A. Jackson

HBF: H. Martin

RR: N. Bowler

FP: M. Price

FB: O. Smith

CHF: R. Rimington

WM: S. Morrissey

RUC: B. Hughes

RUC: F. Preston

WM: B. Marshall

FF: A. Cooper

FP: R. Rimington

ROV: D. Phillips

FF: J. Moldrich

CTR: J. Holloway

ROV: B. Hassall

HFF: J. Moldrich

RUC: T/ Nelson

FF: M. Moldrich

RR: B. Morrissey

RUC: J. Jones

3. Woomera MythicalsEdit

Est: 1, May 2014

Costume: HM: Yellow/Green/White  AW: Green/White/Yellow

State: Darwin, Northern Territory

Stadium: Tio Stadium


FB:  D. Jackson

BP: N. Lundell

BP: J. Brown

CHB: W. Shaffer

HBF: O. Barnes

HBF: H. King

CTR: L. Roberts

WM: I. Turner

WM: A. Walker

CHF: B. Stewart

HFF: J. Smith

HFF: C. Tyalor

FF: M. Wood

FP: A. Thomas

FP: C. Jones

RR: S. Lee 

RUC: S. Jenkins

ROV: D. Gray

BP: J. Cooper

HBF: J. Jackson

HBF: L. Johnson

WM: D. Moore

FB: J. King

CFB: W. Carter

RR: L. Harris

RR: J. Morrissey

HFF: P. Young

CHB: E. Brown

CHF: N. King

FF: J. Moldrich

FP: W. Moore

ROV: S. Mitchell

RR: M. Baker

FF: L. Holloway

HFF: M. Thompson

CHF: J. Thompson

FF: T. White

WM: D. Walker

CTR: O. Nrekic

ROV: L. Stamper

4. Snowy River CaymanEdit

Est: 1, May 2014

Costume: HM: Red/Green/White   AW: White/Red/Green

State: South Geelong, Victoria

Stadium: Skilled Stadium


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