TItle HistoryEdit

# Wrestler Reigns Date Days Held Defences Event Other Notes
1 Ministery Undertaker 1 Week 1, Wednesday 19 0 - Default Champions
2 X-Pac 1 Week 3, Sunday 4 1 PUWE Bad Blood Defeats Ministery Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match.
3 Stone Cold Steve Austin 1 Week 4, Wednesday 1 0 PUWE Attitude RAW Defeated X-Pac after his match with Ministery Undertaker.

List Of Combining ReignsEdit

Rank Wrestler Combined Reigns Of Days
1 Ministery Undertaker 1 19
2 X-Pac 1


3 Stone Cold Steve Austin 1 1

List of DefencesEdit

Ministery UndertakerEdit

Opponent Date Event Outcome
X-Pac Week 3, Sunday PUWE Bad Blood Loss


Opponent Date Event Outcome
Ministery Undertaker Week 4, Wednesday PUWE Attitude RAW Won
Stone Cold Steve Austin Week 4, Wednesday PUWE Attitude RAW Loss

Stone Cold Steve AustinEdit

Opponent Date Event Outcome

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